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Beginner Weapon Classes enrolling NOW

Project Motion weapons classes are great!

(7- 18+ years)
(Monday 6:15pm to 7:15pm)

Our weapons class introduces and expands the world of martial arts by bringing in weaponry skills from a variety of martial art disciplines. Students find that training in the weapons class teaches them to understand more about techniques in their core style.

Through the instructions of weapons, students find they have a better sence of co-ordination working their left-side-right-side brain to hand co-ordination skills. they also find an improvement in their distance control and knowledge of short to long range techniques. Our weapons class is based on the combative, teaching students that by training in varying weapons, they gain respect for what the weapon can be capable of in the wrong hands and through that, how they can use these skills in an open handed situation.

We have a level up system from level 1 to 9 taking roughly 5 years to reach a black belt belt level. Because of the range of weapons we teach, each student will reach a intermediate/ advanced knowledge of each individual weapon.

Primary Weapons taught in our class are:
-Double Stick.
-Single Stick.
– Bo
– Jo
– Kama
– Nun Chuku
– Karambut
– Bokken
– Knife properties (subject to age and maturity).

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0417 140 389

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