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Transform yours or your child’s life with Martial arts, Parkour, Tricking, Fitness or Self Defence!

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“My daughter has recently started and from day one 1 we have loved the energy and positive reinforcement showed by the team to teach martial arts and self defense.
We enjoy the fast pass and lots of activities to ensure our child doesn’t get bored but also like how they encourage challenges in a fun way.
They promote gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. All the attributes for a happy child.
Happy to join the family”- Michelle Facebook Review 5 Star
“Amazing place. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn martial arts. I am enjoying my experience as the instructors are so helpful, kind and supportive.”- Max Google Review 5 Star
“It helped me so much….great instructors, and teaching techniques”- C.J.L Google Review 5 Star

Our FREE PDF file:

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Five startegies for creating champions!


So if you have clicked onto this page or followed links, it means you would you like more information on developing your child’s life. Our Leadership team are dedicated to helping you anyway we can.

We don’t hard sell anyone…

And we don’t pressure anyone…

Going forward we can do 2 things.


Schedule a phone call with one of our leadership team members and we will do our best to help you create some awesome strategies for helping you or your child be the best they can be through martial arts and movement. Scroll to the bottom of this page to schedule a time.


Try our awesome 21 kick starter pack!

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This 21 day kick starter is a no lock in, awesome way to try out what our facility has to offer in creating champions! We want to help people the best we can so we included a PT session and a goal setting session with the yourself or parent and child to really help them throughout these 3 weeks. Follow the form at the bottom and we will schedule a time to call you and book you guys in for your first martial arts or movement session!

Give yourself the opportunity to achieve your goals!

  • High values on customer care and delivering quality service
  • Martial arts, Weapons, Tricking, Parkour, Fitness and Self defence
  • Classes split in appropriate age groups from 3 years old to adults,
  • Develop your confidence, focus, mindset, determination to achieve your goals,
  • Lean from a dedicated Leadership team,
  • Energetic, engaging and exciting classes,
  • Teach kids strategies for creating their champion self!
  • Be challenged and overcome those challenges!

No obligation to continue after the 3 weeks, incredibly easy to get started and you cant lose! Be Quick and don’t miss out!

Phone call booking and enquirer form

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