Risky Kids Parkour & Tricking

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Risky Kids Parkour classes are great for any Ninja!

(Kids 4- 12 years of age)

(5:15pm to 6:00pm 7-12 year olds Mondays)
(4:30pm to 5:15pm 4-6 year olds Friday)
(5:15pm to 6:00pm 7-12 year olds Fridays)

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Risky Kids

Children are always going to be moving and engaging in challenges they set them selves, Risky Kids takes that focus and harnesses it into a structured format of physical, emotional and social development.The emphasis and end goal is the education and science of understanding risky behavior, risk versus hazard, psychological focus and positive mindset skill in mind body and spirit all the while developing leadership skills and personal growth.

 This program, being apart of Spartan Australia and YMCA, teaches kids ‘Recreation with Direction.’ It takes the concept of play and challenges and put those skills into a format of parkour, ninja warrior, obstacle course racing, tricking and fitness all the while educating kids on growth and development and risk VS hazard through movement.

Benefits vs Undesirable Outcome
Negotiation Possible
Outcomes could be Positive or Negative
Perception Challenging

Inherently Dangerous
Relative Certainty
No Benefits on Outcome
Outcomes negative or neutral
Disordered in Engagement

Risky situations are craved by kids and they’re an important part of forming identities, both individual and social. Not only this but it’s something that they crave responsibility in from their guardians, they genuinely want opportunities to exercise their judgement and that’s where we come in providing the environment and the instruction for them to do so.

Whats Involved In Risky Kids?

Movement is our communicator. Through it we provide opportunities to teach our most important lessons whilst improving movement literacy and physical conditioning.

There is a lot of science and learning that goes into Risky Kids. Our concepts are the cornerstone of YOUR development and what help to set Risky Kids apart as a leader in kids active recreation.

The classes are where it all happens! We bring Movement and Concepts together to regularly create Risky Kids. Only consistency and regular exposure to these concepts and challenges will change people.

The community is both what we hope to change, and what creates the most change. Build it to be the best.

This is what you do, how you do it and your direction! Build your coaching tools to be what you want, and your community needs.

The Movements

Risky Kids Movements

One of the many benefits of Risky Kids is the affiliate module meaning the community is constantly expanding with many centers across Melbourne and soon Australia. When we promote Risky Kid jams and special events they will turn into big community events with many risky kids attending aiming to achieve their power ups. Ask us about Our Risky Kids program TODAY and don’t miss out! Starts 27th of May 2019! Only 30 spots available! Book your trial now.

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