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When is the best time to get my Child Started?
Any time of the year is a great time to start your child’s movement training as we operate on a 52 week year with our membership not being based around school terms, meaning anytime is great to start. Faster you get started the faster we can help you achieve your goals.

How do i know if my Child is ready? 
Within the years we have been operating we understand that many parents may have concerns if their child is to unfocused, un co-ordinated or to young.  Each of our classes is designed to best suit each age group needs, developing their fine motor skills, physical and mental skills for each age under the care and patience of our Instructor team. If you feel your child is unfocused then Project Motion is the place to help develop these skills in a safe and encouraging environment. We can also book a free trial class and evaluate if they are ready for training.

How many classes do you recommend for my child a week?
At Project Motion we recommend that two classes a week is ideal. Some of our members will do two session back to back on the same day or even more than two sessions spreading them out over the week to suit their goals. With two classes a week, students will find they are progressing faster developing their ability and staying more motivated to continue their training long term. Our Team will assist you with how best to achieve your goals and how our timetable of classes will best support.

What is your movement style?
Over the time of our Instructors training and linage, our Instructors have been able to provide a range of styles and movement on offer at Project Motion. Our overall goal is developing each student to being the best version of themselves they can be mentally, physically and spiritually.
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Will my child or I get hurt?
Project Motion aims to provide a supportive and safe environment for our kids to adult members. As with any sport their is a risk of injury and we aim to minimize these risks appropriately.
1. Age appropriate classes.
2. Padded floors and proper training equipment.
3. safety equipment in mouth guards, shin guards, boxing and MMA gloves.
4. Trained Instructors and Assistant Instructors.
5. Proper Partner Pairing.
6. 1st aid Qualified Instructors.

How does the level up system work?
At Project Motion our level up systems works in two different formats.
1. Kids- Kids belts are age based with grading 4 times a year at the end of each school term. Depending on their movement style, student trains and works through their age level colored belt, wrist bands, or Risky levels. Following their next grading, the student changes colours if they age into the next colour or they have completed the four stages of the coloured belt in that age level.
2. Teens and Adults- Teens and Adults grading are held 4 times a year at the end of each school term. As the student progress through the levels, it takes longer to grade between levels leading towards black belt.

Am I too old or unfit to begin training?
One of the greatest benefits of Movement training is that it is an individual journey. Meaning everything can be down in your own pace and in your own enjoyment. We have had Students start at a age over 50 and have really enjoyed their training in developing their mobility, strength, focus and fitness.

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