Little Leaders

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Project Motions Little Leaders classes are great for any child!

(4-6 years old)
(Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  4:30pm to 5:15pm)

Our goal with our Little Champions martial art classes is to provide each child with life skills. At this early age our highly-trained Instructors focus on developing motor functional skills such as balancing, throwing, targeting, memory, teamwork and body awareness through exciting and stimulating martial art activities. Little Champion students will learn punches, kicks, blocks all while improving their coordination, balance, agility, and fitness in a high energy fun atmosphere.

Throughout the classes, our team teaches comprehensible concepts such as introducing yourself with a firm handshake, public speaking, leadership qualities and stranger danger that will assist the Little Champions in kindergarten, school, high school and beyond. The effects of our Little Champions class will highlight at home, school and the future, in healthy habits, positive mindset and leadership skills.


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