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Welcome to Project Motion!

Project Motion is a complete Martial Art and movement focused center offering programs to suit all of our clients activity needs. Our team is dedicated to creating a unique, supportive environment and a family community, where you can take your training to the next level. Whether your aim is to experience new challenges, meet new people, or for your child to gain confidence and life long skills, we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Through our kid programs to our adult programs you will find something for you at Project Motion. See positive life changing growth in mind, body and spirit from the endless benefits that Project Motion has to offer. GET INVOLVED NOW contact us on 0475 511 357

Project Motion has dedicated itself to the concept of teaching Martial Arts and Movement in a wide variety of disciplines. With a highly trained staff team being able to meet our clients needs and provide the wide variety of programs that we can offer, we are able to excel in helping people unlock their potential.

Movement is such an important part of every day life and well being. Movement in kids plays such a role in their development emotionally, physically and socially being able to set personal challenges and goals and working towards achieving them boost that child’s confidence, resilience, responsibility, discipline and work ethic which then plays a big role in their school and home life. In Adults as well as kids, movement lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar, weight management, promotes a healthy heart, lowers cholesterol, improves quality of life and longevity and releases endorphins boosting happiness.

Our aim is deliver all of this at Project Motion offering a wide variety of movement that appeals to many different people from martial arts, to dance, to parkour to fitness and so much more. Find out more and contact us on 0475 511 357 Today!


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